low maintenance countertop materials for your kitchen renovation

3 low maintenance countertop materials for your kitchen renovation

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low maintenance countertop materials for your kitchen renovation

If you’re planning a kitchen renovation, updating your countertops is a natural—and often necessary—piece of the process. However, selecting the right countertop material can be overwhelming. Care, cost, and cosmetics all factor in as you weigh your options.

Your kitchen counters are one of the most used surfaces in your home. Food prep, breakfast, dirty dishes, homework, craft projects, and more hit your counters regularly. Knowing your countertop material is easy to clean and maintain makes life easier.

Here’s a quick look at three low maintenance countertop materials.

Recycled Glass

Recycled glass countertops are a relatively new option. This low maintenance countertop material is crafted from crushed glass embedded in a clear resin. Recycled glass surfaces are heat and scratch resistant as well as nonporous. No sealing required! These countertops come in a variety of blends and colors, giving you plenty of style options to choose from.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel countertops add a contemporary, industrial feel to your kitchen renovation. Once only found in commercial kitchens, stainless steel provides a sleek, easy to care for alternative to traditional home kitchen countertop materials. Stainless steel surfaces are stain and heat resistant, and they’ll never require sealing or refinishing. Stainless steel comes in a variety of finish options, and you can select a rushed finish to avoid the appearance of finger smudges.


In terms of low maintenance countertop materials, this one is our favorite! Quartz offers the beauty and benefits of stones like granite and marble but without many of the weaknesses. It’s an engineered stone that’s highly durable, nonporous, and stain resistant. Quartz comes in a variety of tones and styles, giving you abundant options for design styles. We’ve seen it work exceptionally well in a variety of homes. Bonus: quartz doesn’t hold viruses or bacteria, so after you wipe down your counters, you can know that your surfaces are clean and germ free.

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