How Bathroom & Kitchen Renovation Projects Can Affect the Value Of Your Home

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As a homeowner trying to improve the value of your property, how do you know which upgrades will give your home that wow factor and make the most difference when buyers make their decisions? This is a question that many owners ask. But sadly, there is no magical way of knowing what buyers will prefer. Every buyer is different and their idea of what makes a perfect home will vary. Some want a yard where they can grow a vegetable garden, some want new hardwood flooring, and yet others may be more interested in a green home. Moreover, because the …

JL Cares: Debbie’s Story

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Those of us here at JL Remodeling are thrilled to release our very first episode of JL Cares! This nonprofit service project has been in the works since 2021, and our team has been bursting at the seams to get started. Every one of them put in extra hours throughout the week to make sure they had time to participate in giving back to Debbie and her family. Watch the webisode below! If you know anyone in your life who could use a helping hand, let us know! Fill out the form to nominate a friend or loved one for …

5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Home Remodeling Company

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Remodeling, when done right, can be a fun and creative experience. However, if you get stuck with a bad remodeling company it can be a nightmare of overdue deadlines, over-budget projects and low quality work. So, how do you avoid partnering with an unscrupulous company? By the end of this article you are going to know how to vet out your potential remodeler so that you partner with a company that will treat you fairly. 1. Do you have a license? The first question you should ask a potential partner is whether they are licensed. This will help weed out …

Should I Move or Remodel?

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Unsure of whether you should sell your current home or remodel it to fit your needs? This is a common question we hear and by the end of this article you will be better able to determine which is going to be right for you and your family!  Pros and Cons of Moving First, let’s talk about moving and the advantages and disadvantages that are associated with it. One of the major advantages of moving is the fact that you get to pick the location of your new home. This is beneficial in more ways than one. Not only can …

When to DIY vs. Hire Out your Home Remodeling Project

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Once you have decided you want to begin a remodeling project on your home you then have to decide who will do it. There are 3 options, you can do it all yourself (ie DIY), you can contract out the work or you can hire a remodeling company. Each comes with its own unique pros and cons. By the end of this article, you will be able to discern which method will be best for you so your home remodeling project goes smoothly.  Doing It Yourself For many people, part of the joy in owning a home is that they …

5 Upgrades to Increase the Value of Your Existing Home

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In today’s sellers market it’s easy to find a buyer for your home but, if you sell as-is, you could be leaving money on the table. Below are the 5 upgrades you should consider doing to increase the value of your home so you get the best valuation possible when selling. Touch Up High-Use Areas One of the quickest and easiest ways to increase the value of your home is by freshening up areas that show wear and tear. High-use areas tend to show the most wear, so consider refreshing those areas first to get the most bang for your …

How to Plan an On-Time and On-Budget Kitchen Remodel

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Having a beautiful and well-designed kitchen makes hosting, cooking, and entertaining fun and relaxing. Remodeling your kitchen should feel just as fun and clear-cut. By the end of this article you will have the tools and resources you need to successfully plan and execute your kitchen remodel so that it stays on-time and on-budget. At JL Remodeling we’ve helped hundreds of people design and build their dream kitchens in a timely and cost effective manner and can help you build yours too. Step 1: Clarify Your Budget The first step is to determine what your budget for the project is. …

3 Ways to Maximize Bathroom Organization

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Possibly one of the most cluttered rooms in your house is the bathroom. Trying to make space and organize everybody’s preferred products like toothbrushes, shaving tools, hair products and whatever else could possibly go in a bathroom can be too much to handle and lead to a disorganized, chaotic and cluttered bathroom. With limited space in the bathroom, you’ll likely need some creative solutions to keep everything tidy and clean, which is why we’ve come up with our three favorite ways to maximize bathroom organization.   1 | Add New Storage Spaces One of the best ways to maximize your bathroom …

How to Clean Granite Countertops

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While it’s one of the most popular choices for countertops, granite is also considerably spendy. It is something that you’ll expect to last in your home for a very long time, but that will also mean that you’ll have to take proper care of it by cleaning it so that it maintains its beautiful look for many years.  Here’s what you need to know about cleaning granite countertops. Daily Cleaning for Granite Countertops Knowing how to do the normal day-to-day cleaning is the most important part of knowing how to properly clean granite countertops. You’re not going to want to …

HGTV’s Unsellable Houses: It’s a sibling thing

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This week’s episode of Unsellable Houses was truly an honor. We had the chance to partner with Lyndsay and Leslie to help Jeana reno her home and get it back on the market. Jeana’s part of the JL Remodeling family on several levels. Not only is she our fearless Director of Sales & Design, but she’s also Jeff’s sister. We loved being able to serve her with this project! Here’s what Jeff and Jeana had to share about this special sibling experience… Thank you, Lyndsay and Leslie for making this happen!