2020 kitchen design trends

Top 2020 Kitchen Design Trends

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If you’re planning a kitchen remodel you’re probably going to want to know the latest trends. Modern kitchen design is not the same as even a few years ago. If you want a modern kitchen, then you’ll want to know this year’s top trends. Thankfully, your Lynnwood kitchen remodeler is here to help. We’ve come up with some of the top 2020 kitchen design trends to help inspire you when designing your kitchen. 


One of the most unexpected design features making a comeback in the kitchen is gold. Adding pieces of gold throughout your kitchen adds bits of color in what would otherwise be a rather bland kitchen. Most kitchens that include gold usually have a main focal piece like a sink and faucet or hood vent with gold accents in smaller items throughout the kitchen. The revival of gold in kitchens has become a great way to make kitchens colorful with sleek modern design. 

Vibrant Colors

Green subway tile kitchen backsplash installed by professional tilers.

Another trendy kitchen design in 2020 is adding vibrant colors in your kitchen. Using bright colors like orange and brighter blues on the backsplash or lower leveled cabinets is gaining traction as a great way to add very bright colors that wouldn’t normally be used in a home design. By placing these bright colors in areas that aren’t directly in the line of sight, it allows for very bright colors to be used without being overwhelming or gaudy. 


Making a comeback in 2020 kitchen design trends is the use of wood, primarily Ash and Walnut. The light color of ash combined with natural stones makes a great accent. Whereas walnut has a rich, dark color that goes well with many sleeker designs as a main feature of the kitchen. 


One of the most popular kitchen design trends in recent years is marble. Strong veined marble is great for countertops and backsplashes and can be the centerpiece of any kitchen. Marble is timeless and elegant. But it is also a very expensive material which is why you won’t see it in most kitchens. 


Some functional aspects of kitchens are changing with the new trends as well, including the removal of handles from cabinets and drawers. With new reliable mechanisms, modern kitchen designs can remove handles to create a smooth, seamless design throughout the entire kitchen. 

Another functional feature that has been altered by trends is the rise in double-island kitchens. Open spaces and larger kitchens are becoming more and more popular in homes today. One island may be used for cooking and prep while the other may serve as an eating area or dining table. Having two islands also contributes to the overall design of the kitchen making it look like one large cohesive space. 

As the years pass, popular designs will continue to change. Hopefully some of these 2020 kitchen design trends will give you some inspiration to create a beautiful modern kitchen that will last for many years. 

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