Lynnwood bathroom remodeler recommends plants in bathroom decor

Top 2020 Bathroom Design Trends

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Need some inspiration for your outdated bathroom? We’ve collected some of the latest 2020 bathroom design trends to spark some creativity for your bathroom design!     

1| Brass is back!

One of the most popular design trends in bathrooms for 2020 is the return of brass finishes. From the light fixtures and mirror frames to the finishes on the faucets, brass has made a popular return to the bathroom. Brass adds glam and luxury to your bathroom. It can also provide a rustic design element if the finish is distressed.

Green subway tile kitchen backsplash installed by professional tilers.

2| Deep-soak tubs

Deep-soak bathtubs are a 2020 bathroom design trend that take a modern spin on traditional cast-iron, claw-foot bathtubs common in many older bathrooms. These modern, sleek tubs are constructed out of a variety of materials to fit the design of a bathroom. Whether porcelain or natural stone, deep-soak tubs are great for any bathroom and can come in any sort of design to match your bathroom remodel project.

3| Odd Shaped Tile

Another bathroom design trend making the rounds is odd-shaped tile. Breaking tradition, innovative home designers are choosing a variety of different shaped tiles, like shells or hexagons.

Oddly shaped tiles are a great way to add a fun and creative design to your bathroom that won’t be obnoxious and will still maintain the look of your bathroom style. For added interest, you may also partially tile a bathroom wall.

As a Lynnwood bathroom remodeler, we’ve noticed that this trend includes tiling to the height of a window, countertop, shower door/ curtain, or anything else in your bathroom. Tiling only part of a wall can be a great way to add the design element of tile into your bathroom without having to do a complete wall or area. It is a great way to cut down on the cost of tile or just to be creative with the design of your bathroom.

Lynnwood bathroom remodeler recommends plants in bathroom decor

4| Flora          

The addition of plants in bathrooms, although not new, is becoming more and more popular as well. A great way to have natural beauty and colors that aren’t overwhelming and add an organic, soothing ambiance to your bathroom, encouraging a spa-like atmosphere.

5| Open shower designs

The design of showers is also changing in 2020. Open showers are becoming more popular. One wall with no enclosure such as shower curtain or glass shower door are becoming more popular in many current bathroom designs. Another 2020 bathroom design trend is a hidden shower drain. Instead of a large metal grate, the water drains into a crack or crevice which leads to the covered drain. This contributes to the sleek look of many modern bathrooms.

There are many new bathroom design trends in 2020 that you can easily incorporate into your new bathroom. Hopefully this list has given you some ideas that you can install into your new bathroom!

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