double vanities are a top 2020 bathroom design trend

3 Master Bathroom Remodel Essentials

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When remodeling your bathroom, it can be an exciting time of considering new options in adding features to the remodel that may not have been in your original plan. Unfortunately, whether it’s a budget or space consideration, deciding on needs versus wants is a must. So, as your friendly Alderwood bathroom remodeler, we’ve come up with three things you should definitely include in your master bathroom remodel.

1. Double Vanity

We recommend including a luxury, double sink vanity or counter-top in any master bathroom remodel plan. Having two sinks can make a big difference in how efficiently you can use your bathroom. This will cut down on negotiating with your partner for elbow room or lengthy discussions about what they’re doing or how long they’ve been using the bathroom sink. It will make morning and evening rituals less stressful, since you won’t be scheduling sink-time.

Including a high-quality countertop can set the style for the rest of the room. By using luxurious materials like quartz, marble or granite you’ll get a surface that looks amazing, is easy to clean, and will last you a lifetime.

Green subway tile kitchen backsplash installed by professional tilers.

2) Water Closet

Many new homes feature a water closet, a room with the toilet in a separate closed space of its own.

If space allows in your remodel plan, we urge you to consider this upgrade to your master bathroom remodel plan as well. Like having double sinks, an enclosed toilet can make your bathroom much easier to use for everyone. It allows for flexibility in using the master bathroom space, offering privacy for the toilet while someone else is using another part of the bathroom. It can make getting ready in the morning, or anytime, a little less hectic. We think making sure your bathrooms work for you is one of the most important parts about remodeling. Having an enclosed toilet is a perfect way to do that.

3) Walk-in Shower

Make sure to include a large, walk-in shower with either a glass enclosure or an open wall. It adds a touch of luxury to your daily routine. Use beautiful tiles or stone stretching from floor to ceiling, exposed to the rest of the bathroom to add elegance.

Larger shower spaces allow for more creative shower heads and water sources, and luxurious shower heads create an exceptional spa-like showering experience and is an absolute must-have as part of your master bathroom remodel.

We hope these ideas have provided some inspiration for your master bathroom remodel plan. As an Alderwood bathroom remodeler, we are here to encourage you in your remodeling journey in creating the most functional, comfortable and luxurious bathroom for your home. Fill out the contact form to schedule a consultation!