3 Kitchen Styles for Your House

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As you plan your kitchen remodel for your home, you’re going to have to decide on a design and style you want for your kitchen. However, settling on a design and style that you are satisfied with can be tough. If you’re struggling to settle on a kitchen design, or even find inspiration for one, don’t worry! We’re here to help! 

Here are three of our favorite kitchen styles for your consideration. 

1 | Farmhouse Style Kitchen

farmhouse kitchen style from JL Remodeling

The first kitchen style to consider for your home is a farmhouse style kitchen. Contemporary Farmhouse style is especially popular now. By combining modern and classic styles it creates a design that can fit into a wide variety of home designs, and when you remodel you won’t have to worry about your kitchen looking out of place compared to the rest of your house. It is also a perfect way to keep classic looks and styles in a kitchen while still having the benefits of a modern kitchen with new appliances and materials.

2 | Modern Industrial Kitchen

modern kitchen design

The next design style that you should consider for your kitchen is a modern industrial kitchen. The sharp edges and sleek designs create the perfect style for an ultra modern kitchen. If your style preference is modern and efficient and you have no taste for a rustic look, then a modern industrial kitchen is perfect for you. Modern Industrial kitchens tend to feature darker colored cabinets and counters in combination with dark wood cabinets or countertops, some designs even feature marble countertops that will stand out in the kitchen. A downside to modern industrial kitchen designs is that the rest of the house has to have a similar modern design for it to fit well in your house as a whole. 

3 | Stone Age Kitchen

The third kitchen design to consider for your house is what is being called the Stone Age design. The main focus of a Stone Age kitchen design is the countertop, island and backsplash usually with each being made of strongly veined marble. Even though the marble is eye-catching, it creates a very elegant looking kitchen. Stone Age kitchens can also include the use of some interesting dark colors in the cabinetry, like dark blue. Even the use of gold and brass, which are gaining more popularity, are quite common alongside the use of marble. Similar to a farmhouse style kitchen Stone Age kitchen can fit into many houses depending on the colors you pick, and you won’t have to worry about your kitchen being out of place. 

Although there are many other kitchen designs, hopefully these three will give you some inspiration to guide you in the right direction to making your final decision. Making a choice about what you want from your kitchen remodel can be difficult especially considering you have to balance what you want, what you can afford and what will go well with the rest of your house. 

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