3 Ways to Maximize Bathroom Organization

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Possibly one of the most cluttered rooms in your house is the bathroom. Trying to make space and organize everybody’s preferred products like toothbrushes, shaving tools, hair products and whatever else could possibly go in a bathroom can be too much to handle and lead to a disorganized, chaotic and cluttered bathroom. With limited space in the bathroom, you’ll likely need some creative solutions to keep everything tidy and clean, which is why we’ve come up with our three favorite ways to maximize bathroom organization.  

Bathroom organization methods with JL Remodeling

1 | Add New Storage Spaces

One of the best ways to maximize your bathroom organization would be to add more storage areas in your bathroom. 

Two great ways to do this could be to add a shelf above the toilet or putting in an additional stand alone cabinet or linen tower, if you have enough space available. Adding a shelf tower above your toilet is a great option for most bathrooms because the space above the toilet is hardly taken up. This makes it a great option for adding extra shelving to give your bathroom more storage and make organization easier. 

If you also have enough extra space in your bathroom, then you could put in a stand alone cabinet or shelving tower to create even more storage space as well. This option might be less ideal for most however, because it requires an excess space in the bathroom whereas putting storage above your toilet most likely won’t. Adding more storage space in your bathroom will make it much easier to keep it organized, since you won’t have to deal with cramming lots of items into limited storage space. 

2 | Try Drawer Organizers

Another way to maximize your bathroom’s organization is to be efficient with your drawer and cabinets and to create storage spaces for the smaller items. Rather than having your drawers and cabinets be a cluttered mess, adding small baskets in drawers and hanging on the inside of cabinet doors are great ways to eliminate the clutter. It can give all of your tooth brushes, razors, hair combs and whatever else a home as well as use your limited drawer and cabinet space more efficiently and be more organized. 

You can also mount baskets on the wall to store things like q tips, cotton balls, hand towels and soap. Open storage like mounted baskets will allow easy access to the things you’ll likely use every time you’re in the bathroom. 

3 | Use Shower Organizers

The final way to maximize your bathroom space is in the shower by adding in a shower rack for all of your showering supplies. A shower rack is a great way to add shelf space in the shower while also being very easy to organize and maintain. Having everyone’s products in one corner of the shower means that there aren’t soap bottles in every corner of the shower that you have to be mindful of whenever you want to take a shower. 

Having a shower rack can also make it easy for every family member to keep track of their own stuff by having a shelf of their own. 

There are plenty of great ways to maximize your bathrooms organization. Hopefully as you tackle your cluttered bathroom you keep in mind these tips so that you can have a clean, organized and beautiful bathroom as well!

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