5 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Design More Efficient

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If working in the kitchen is a hassle for you, there’s a good chance that it has an inefficient design. As a result, when designing your new remodel, your primary focus should be on how you can make this crucial part of your home more intuitive and natural. To help with that, here are five of our favorite ways to improve the efficiency of your kitchen.

Make Space to Breathe

If you’re planning out a kitchen remodel, keep in mind the location of the refrigerator, stove and sink. As the three most used parts of every kitchen, you should make sure that your new kitchen design puts each of these in a position that is both easy to access and has enough counter space to work at. Having to deal with a lack of space around any of these will leave you feeling cramped and make your kitchen less efficient, so be sure to allow plenty of elbow room.

Keep Things in Arm’s Reach

One of the best and easiest ways to have a more efficient kitchen is through proper organization and storage. A cluttered kitchen can be very difficult to work in, which is why it is important to organize everything in a way that makes sense. In your remodeled kitchen design be sure to include storage for items close to the spaces where they’ll be used. Allow space to store your pans near the stove, your containers near the fridge, and so on. With your most used items, find or create a place that will give you easy access no matter what you’re doing.

Utilize the Counters

You can also store food items that are used very often, like flour, sugar, or pasta, in open storage containers on the counter so they can be easily used. Storing these food staples in containers on the countertop can also help if your shelf and cabinet spaces are limited, as well as contribute to the design and look of the kitchen. Countertop containers are a great way to add some color while also making your kitchen more efficient at the same time.

Know Where it Goes

Once you have everything in your kitchen stored in a good spot, you can even take it one step further by labeling any items that can be labeled. This will make it easier to find whatever you’re looking for, saving you time while you’re working in the kitchen. If you’re not a fan of labels, you can also use clear containers to see what’s inside of each one. Any way that can help you to save some time is just another way to make your kitchen more efficient. 

Choose to Reuse

Investing in reusable, multipurpose kitchen items is another excellent way to make your kitchen even more efficient. Mason jars can be readily used as both cups and item storage, saving you both space and money. Reusable bowl covers can eliminate the need for cling wrap. Stackable storage bins for fruits and veggies in your fridge can be a great way to keep the space organized. As an added bonus, these reusable items serve to keep your kitchen eco-friendly and limit waste!
There are many ways that you can make your kitchen more efficient and easier to use. Some are simple, some will take some time to set up, but all of them can end up saving you lots of time in the long run! If you’re still not sure where to begin or you want an expert opinion on what will work best for your home, get in touch with us today!