How to Make Your Bathroom Kid-Safe

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If you’ve got young children in your house, then it’s no question that you’re worried about their safety. One of the rooms in your house that can be especially worrying is the bathroom. As you’ve no doubt learned by now, there are countless ways for your young ones to accidentally hurt themselves. So to help ease your concerns, we’ve put together five ways to make your bathroom kid-safe to help prevent accidental injuries.

Secure Your Medicine Cabinet

One way to make your bathroom more kid-friendly is to make sure that your children can’t get into the medicine cabinet. Young kids always want to put everything in their mouths, and medicine is certainly no exception. For younger children, getting their hands on even some regular household items can be very dangerous.

As a result, ensuring that your medicine, cleaning products, and other dangerous substances are well out of reach of your kids is a necessity. From simply putting them on a high shelf to adding a childproof lock on the cabinet door, there are numerous approaches you can take. Even if you don’t share your bathroom with your child, it’s always a good idea to keep them out of reach of your children.

Add a Stepping Stool

The second way to easily make your bathroom kid-safe is to put a stepping stool in the bathroom for their use. Whether it be to reach the sink or for getting out of the bathtub, having a secure stool that they can easily step onto is a great idea to make your bathroom as safe as possible. Bathrooms are no strangers to water, and can often be quite slippery. Adding a stool or two can allow your kids to use the bathroom both safely and easily.

Use a Bath Mat

Speaking of slipping, you can also place bath mats near the tub and sink to prevent your child from slipping and falling on a wet spot. Bath mats are an easy and cheap way to make the area a little bit safer, and have become common in many bathrooms as a result. They are also great for contributing to the design of the bathroom and spicing up the look. If you want to be even more careful, you can also install some handlebars near the bathtub or toilet. While they are a bit more expensive and can be less appealing to the eye, their effectiveness is certainly worth the consideration.

Regulate the Water Temperature

Whether they’re sitting in the bathtub or playing with the sink, it’s very easy for a young child to turn on very hot water without even realizing it. There are plenty of ways to help prevent this, especially with newer smart faucets. Some options will reduce water flow once it reaches a certain temperature, while others will light up once the water reaches a temperature threshold. If these options are beyond your price range, there are also countless temperature-sensitive bath toys that will visibly change colors to let your young ones know when it’s safe to get in. Investing in one or two of these approaches can help to keep your child from scalding their hands.

Install a Toilet Safety Lock

Similar to the medicine cabinet, our final tip to make your bathroom kid-safe is to add childproof locks to your toilets. If your child decides to go playing in the bathroom, it’s not too difficult to get the toilet open. This can easily lead to injuries, or, in the worst cases, drowning. Adding a safety lock to prevent your child from getting into the toilet is another easy way to make your bathroom safer for your kids.
With all the creative ways our kids devise to hurt themselves, it’s important to find ways to reduce their likelihood. By implementing these methods in your bathrooms at home, your kids will be able to grow in independence and confidence without fear of injury. If you want additional ideas, installation help, or simply an outside opinion on your design choices, contact us today!