What it is

At JL Remodeling, we believe serving people comes first. We're so passionate about giving back to the communities around us that we founded JL Cares, the nonprofit arm of our company, in 2021.

Through JL Cares, we receive nominations from community members who want to celebrate, acknowledge, and serve the people in their lives who give the most. This includes nurses who care for the vulnerable, volunteers known for feeding the community, grandparents who generously house people in need, and maybe even someone you know! 

We then partner with other corporate sponsors and local vendors to tackle home repairs and improvements—everything from repairing window flashing to remodeling a tired and well-loved kitchen.

In that experience, we often have the opportunity to share the inspiring stories of the people we serve. We hope that these stories inspire generosity, kindness, and care in everyone who sees them!

You can watch those stories here

Get Involved

Join us in the JL Cares mission!

You can join us in our mission to give back by donating today! To find out more about corporate sponsorship, call us at 425.493.4742.

Know a neighbor who needs a hand? We’d love to hear their story! Fill out the nomination form to get started!